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Cum For Bigfoot (Cum For Bigfoot #1) - Virginia Wade 3.5 Disturbingly Erotic Stars

A little Halloween reading material. I know what you are all thinking, Bigfoot, really?


For a short, erotic, creepy story, it was surprisingly well written.

A group of teenagers go hiking in the mountains, three girls, three guys and a chaperone. One night while the guys are out looking for firewood, the girls see something moving in the woods. The next thing they know, they are waking up in a cage in a basement. A woman unlocks the cage and one by one bigfoot, also known as Leonard, takes the girls and has his dirty, nasty way with them.


Overall, this wasn't too bad and there are more books after this one that will continue on with the story.

After I got done reading this book, my son turns on the TV and what does he start to watch?


I had a good laugh and he looked at me like I was crazy. Go figure?! LOL!