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Whispers in the Dark

Whispers in the Dark - K.I. Lynn 4 In the Dark Stars!

Mia has had a bad day. She is cold and wet from having to walk in the rain, she is loaded down with groceries and now the elevator is out in her apartment building. She starts the journey of climbing 7 flights of stairs to her floor.


While taking a break, she meets Tristan. She's all..


And he's all...


Their fliring was instantaneous.

"Going to need that hand back."
"You sure?"
He let out a deep chuckle. "For a little while, but then you can have it back."

While taking a shower, the power goes out and Mia stumbles around trying to find a flashlight which has dead batteries, and candles but no matches. She goes across the hall with the help of her cell phone light to her friend's apartment, but of course she isn't home. Tristan lives next to her friend and catches her in the hall where he offers his help.

The flirting escalates from there and then finally


This was a great, lighthearted, quick read. I thoroughly enjoyed it and found myself smiling through the whole thing.