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Worth the Fight

Worth the Fight - Vi Keeland 4.5 Fighter Stars!

Nico "The Lady Killer" Hunter



I am so there!!

He's hot. He's sweet. He's an MMA fighter. And he even likes to cook!!


He also is very troubled. After a tragic accident in the cage, it has been over a year since he has had an actual fight. His trainer is pushing him to get back in and move on.



Elle is a lawyer who lives life on the straight and narrow. She likes things safe and uncomplicated. When she meets Nico, she knows he is the exact opposite of what she thinks she needs in her life. She is helping him with a contract that he wants to get out of.

Nico knows he wants her the minute he sees her. She is nothing like the women he normally goes after. He wants to do everything right with her and not screw things up.

"You're a beautiful, smart, strong woman who is used to being treated like a lady. But when I finally get you underneath me, I'm definitely not going to treat you like a lady."

Elle is trying to help him through his troubles but he withdraws from her. She will do whatever she can to be there for him, even if he ends up hating her for it. Will both of their efforts be Worth the Fight?


This was a great book. There was a wonderful storyline to it and I really, really loved both Nico and Elle.