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Against The Wall (Against The Wall #1)

Against The Wall (Against The Wall #1) - Julie Prestsater image

This book was funny, cute, funny, sweet, funny, romantic, and did I mention funny? I loved Shelly and Mel's sense of humor. Reminded me so much of me and my bestie. And Matty, God, could you be any sweeter?!

Shel's fiance, Chase, has called it quits after 10 years of an on again, off again relationship. They are both teachers and work at the same school. She doesn't know how she is going to get over him when she sees him everyday with his new girlfriend who is also a teacher.

Matty and Shel have been friends for awhile. He knows that he wants to be more than friends but she is having a hard time moving on.

"When we make love for the first time, I want you to love me...entirely, and only me."

Matty, you are seriously the sweetest, most unselfish man ever!


As always, there are a few obstacles for them to work through, but they have such a great relationship with lots of humor, it was enjoyable to read. Sure, it was a little corny, but hey, it worked for me! LOL!

I finally found a man who loves me enough to nail me against the wall.