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Caught by Menace (Grabbed, #2)

Caught by Menace (Grabbed, #2) - Lolita Lopez I was pleasantly surprised by this read. I didn't really have any expectations when I started this book but it turned out to be pretty good.


There was love, conflict, a sweet, hot alpha male, what else do you need? Oh, did I mention on the spaceship they have an "officer's club" which here on Earth we call a BDSM club?


Naya has had a rough life. Her mother and brother both deserted her and she was left to her own devices as a 13-year-old girl. She stole food when she got hungry and was arrested a few times for her efforts. She has no faith in anyone because they have all turned their backs on her.


Menace is a big, dominant male who has come down to the surface for the Grab. The Grab is where officers with enough points get to go down and basically chase down their future wife. The women get chosen by a lottery system. At first, Menace was more interested in Naya's friend but decided the little hellion would suit him fine as the chase began.


It doesn't take long for Menace to break down Naya's shields and submit to him. She finds she loves the playroom and all of the ways that Menace makes her feel.

"I want a wife and a family. I want you to be here when I some home in the evenings, Naya."

But of course there has to be conflict and Menace has to prove that Naya can trust him and that he will do everything he can to be the one person who will never walk away from her.

"I love you, Naya. I love you. Just focus on that."

Menace, you definitely make me look up in the sky wondering if some hot, dominant alpha male is going to come and Grab me (I wish!). You are definitely a big old softie on the inside of that huge muscled body of yours.


This was a very pleasant read. I didn't read the first book, but I will definitely go back and read it. There was a great m-f-m scene that is...well...


*A copy of this book was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*