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The Dare - Karin Tabke 5 Huge Simon Says Stars!

For a novella, this book was awesome!


And Simon


Katy and her boyfriend are at a conference in a hotel and they see Simon checking her out from across the bar. Her boyfriend Evan dares her to go over and ask him to join them in a threesome. Surprisingly, given her normally prudish ways, she accepts and off they go to her room for one night of fun.

"Now, are you in or out?" ~Katy

"I'm in and out, fast and furious, down and deep." ~Simon

When it is all said and done, Evan is having a hard time with how Katy reacted to Simon since she never reacted to him that way. Long story short, Evan is a pig and Katy rids herself of him.

"If you were my girl, Kat, I would never have put you in that situation." He turned back to her flashing her a possessive look. "Ever." ~Simon

The next night, she goes down to the bar in hopes of finding Simon. What happens in his room definitely has sparks flying.



Simon says:
Take yours off first.

Simon says:
Then hold on, sweetheart.

Simon says:
Did you think I'd let you get away?

Can't wait to get started on book 2!