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Beyond Eden - Kele Moon **ARC Provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review **



There are no words that I can write in this review to describe how much I loved this book. It is a ménage story so it definitely isn't for everyone but if it is on your TBR list, you should bump it up and get this one read.

We have Evie girl, the starving artist who loves voyeurism.


Paul guy, the lawyer and submissive. He and Eve were high school sweethearts who really did love each other very deeply. Eve went to New York to live her dream as an artist while Paul went to play football on a scholarship.


And then we have Danny boy, the Dom. Danny was Eve and Paul's best friend all through school. After Eve left, Danny and Paul stayed friends and became roommates and also started a D/s relationship.


Eve has moved back home after 10 years after a broken engagement. She runs into Danny in the grocery store. After having dinner together, he tells her he has always wanted her and wants them to be together.

"I've wanted you forever-you're the only woman I ever really wanted Evie girl. This feels too good to be true."

"If you'd been mine, I never would've let you go to New York without me...I would have followed you."

Paul, who is now engaged, wants to hide the relationship between him and Danny from Eve. Danny wants to tell her everything, but Paul is scared of what Eve will think of him when she finds out.

After Danny introduces Eve to his flavor of sex, it becomes evident that Eve fits into the lifestyle very well. Danny plays an edge game to get Paul in the picture with them. Eve finds out how much Paul loves pain. What she sees between Danny and Paul is beautiful. Danny wants her to help him give Paul everything they can before he gets taken away from them by his marriage to Trisha.

If I'm an artist it's only because we share a soul," Danny whispered. "I love you, Evie girl. Will you be good to Paul? Will you be everything he needs and nothing he doesn't?"


The sex scenes, oh lordy were they HOT!!



As time starts to run out on them before the wedding, Eve and Danny try to talk Paul into staying with them and not marrying Trisha and having a life of boring vanilla sex. Paul, of course, made a promise to Trisha so he plans to keep it. Eve and Danny don't want to stay around and see him married to someone else so they decide to leave.

"You think we can just start being platonic friends after all this? You will have to avoid us like the plague to stay faithful to Trisha and that will hurt Evie worse than anything. Being pushed aside, being avoided by you because you'd rather hurt her than betray Trisha. I'm not doing that to us..."


But I felt it all. This book was jam packed with emotion and I loved it!!