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Beneath the Surface - M.A. Stacie *ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

I really liked this book. It was an easy read, great characters that I liked. Neither of the MCs annoyed me so I was very happy with it.

Dale is just starting her first day at her new job when she meets one of her bosses, Mr. Kyran Reese. She is to be his brother's new assistant. The attraction is instant for both of them. He likes that she won't let him walk all over her and she likes that he is sexy and arrogant.

"How can you make me feel this good? ~Dale


Kyran may be a moody business man by day but at night he fights in a club which is something that no one knows about him....except Dale. Her brother is a bartender at the club where he fights where she sees him.


Kyran wants "just sex" and Dale agrees but as it always seems to go, feelings grow and develop. When Kyran says he can't give her everything she wants, Dale decides she should just cut her losses and move on, but will he let her?.

"But you kept dragging me under, and beneath my controlled surface, something was happening to me."

"I was falling in love with you. Hook. Line. And fucking sinker. You took the ground from under my feet and left me with nothing to cling to but you."

Overall, this was a sweet, sexy read with some steamy love scenes. It left me feeling satisfied. The writing was good, there was great character development and had a wonderful storyline. Loved it!