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Officer off Limits - Tessa Bailey This book is seriously hot!!

"Baby, you're going to want to lie back for this."

There was a whole lot of

and some of this.

"Belong to me, Story. Even if it's just for a little while."

The car scene, holy crap, no words.

Let's not forget Daniel and his mouth.

My reaction when I got done reading.

Okay, I better at least talk about the book :O)

Story Brooks is dealing with the fact that her fiancé just called off their engagement two weeks before their wedding when she gets a phone call that sends her to New York to be with her father who has suffered a heart attack. In walks Daniel Chase, an expert hostage negotiator and playboy. Story's dad is also his mentor.

He is intrigued by the woman who turns him down and now he is in hot pursuit. It's only a matter of time before Story gives into their explosive chemistry but can they handle the heat?

Another great job Tessa Bailey! Keep rocking our world with your awesome talent.