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Deadly Fear - Cynthia Eden What scares you?

Well, for one, the serial killer in this awesome book did! As I was reading this book I was trying to figure out who it was and guess what, I WAS WRONG! Totally threw me! I loved it!!

We start out meeting Monica or Ice as some call her. She is one of the top FBI profilers and is all about the job. She doesn't let anyone close and has closed herself off from emotion. She was the victim of her own nightmare in her teens.

Enter Luke Dante. He is new to the team in the SSD (Serial Services Division) where his specialty is the victims. This division focuses on finding and apprehending serial killers. Luke and Monica already have a history together from the Academy. He was the one man who was able to melt some of that ice that Monica tries to cover her heart in. They burned up the sheets and of course she got scared that she would actually start feeling something for him so she ran.

Monica and Luke are called to investigate a possible serial killer. Working so close together, Luke decides that he isn't going to let her run from him again and slowly starts to melt the ice again.

The serial killer takes an interest in Monica and starts playing games with her. What is Monica's biggest fear? The killer figures out what his victims biggest fears are and then that is how they he kills them. Creepy right?

Luke isn't going to let anything happen to her but when the killer starts getting close, will they be able to save each other?

This was a great read with tons of mystery and suspense and steam. It was well written and I will definitely be continuing on with this series.