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Where Danger Hides - Desiree Holt Hmmm, this was just one of those books that was just kind of ehhh


It wasn't a great book but it wasn't bad either.

Taylor finds out who her father is and she tries to approach him. Before even meeting him, she is excorted from his company's building without ever having the chance to meet him. Enter Noah Cantrell, head of secutiry for her father's company. He follows her to her hotel bar where Taylor is on her way to getting very drunk. Though his intentions were to find out what she was like, they get a LOT more personal as the night progresses. One-night stand, over and done. It was good for all parties involved.


A week later, her father is murdered and has left her his company where she is to act as the CEO. Enter Noah Cantrell again. He is to be her bodyguard and keep her from getting killed as they try to figure out who murdered her father and so begins the mystery.....

During their time together, the chemistry is hot and explosive but Noah tells her repeatedly it is only sex and can't go anywhere. What are you hiding Noah?